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Výroba Boneco Majolka Boneco Majolka Boneco - plakat

Company BONECO is a leading food processing corporation with a focus on food production and finished products for the food production with a wide range of products namely: mayonnaise, sauces, mustards, gourmet salads.

All of these products are marketed under the brand BONECO ®, whose tradition dates back to the early 90s 20th century. The flagship product BONECO ® is a traditional classic mayonnaise Majolka ®, which is manufactured in quality unchanged since 1957. Majolka ® is a registered trademark famous issued by the Industrial Property Office.

Company BONECO committed primarily on the quality of products, not only in terms of recipes, as well as a high level of production. Achievements in the field of product quality is the fact that the company has achieved considerable national awards.

The company has met the requirements of organic farming and received a certificate in BIO. These successes culminated in mid-2009, when BONECO as been certified IFS (International Food Standard), which provides a complete standard food supplier for the largest European traders.

We are ready for you all to be an attractive business partner.

The company credo BONECO From the beginning still high, superior product quality not only in terms of recipes, but also a high level of production safety and its standardization. One of the slogans of the company therefore is "... so tasty quality ..."

Full production is under the regular supervision and meets all the requirements and obligations on manufacturers and health of products, namely food safety, good manufacturing practices and good hygiene practice.

On all the parameters of the high level of production and final products are extensively involved in its own testing laboratory, both regular daily laboratory control of raw materials and finished products, as well as continuous monitoring in production. The company has its own development center where new products and technologies arise from the very beginning, according to all legal and safety requirements.